January 30, 2016

Although we haven’t had much snow this winter, there has been plenty of salt and sand on the roads. All of the cars, including mine, are covered in a film of white. So I took my car through the car wash today and now it’s shiny and clean!



January 29, 2016

After work tonight we had a farewell gathering for a guy I’ve worked with for the past 7 or so years. I wish him the best of luck in his new adventure.

To celebrate, I had a blue moon with an orange. There was some debate as to whether it’s better to have it with an orange or a lemon. I still think orange is best!


January 25, 2016

Today Samantha and I weren’t feeling very well. She had nasal congestion, which made it difficult to sleep, and I woke up with a sore throat. I decided to work from home and keep the kids home with me.

Nicholas had been playing on the floor with his toys for while and when I turned around I saw this epic battle on the floor. Of course he said it was the good guys vs the bad guys.