Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer

I am probably the most unorganized person I know. It would be embarrassing if anyone looked in my bathroom closet. Any time I reach in to grab a cotton ball or q-tip, things fall off the shelves. I came across a very clever idea on Pinterest that used a mason jar and glass votive candle holder to organize cotton balls and q-tips (

This almost seems too simple, but it’s so useful that I had to share. I added a ribbon around mine because I thought it needed a little something to jazz it up.

Materials needed for this project:

  • Mason jar
  • Glass votive candle holder
  • Ribbon (if you want)

It’s a little silly to do a step-by-step tutorial because this is so simple, but I took the pictures so I figured why not? I removed the mason jar lid and placed the votive in the jar opening.

I tied the ribbon in a bow around the top of the jar.

Finally, I added my q-tips and cotton balls and put it on my bathroom counter. So easy, but totally useful and one step closer to organizing my bathroom šŸ™‚



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