DIY Dog Toy

It’s about time I make something for our furry friend, Tucker 🙂

I found a site on Pinterest that used old dish towels to make a super cute doggy tug toy (

There are only a few items needed for this quick and easy project:

  • Three dish towels
  • Scissors 


My dog is on the smaller side, so I actually cut two of my dish towels in half and used the three halves. It would depend on the thickness of your dish towels and the size of your dog if you would need to use all three towels.
Next, I cut about a one inch strip from the short side of two of the towels. 


Then, I tied the three pieces of towel together at one end using one of the strips I just cut.

Finally, I braided the three pieces together and tied the other end with the remaining strip that I had cut out.   

Here is Tucker playing with his new tug toy! He wanted to shake it around, so I couldn’t get a still picture. I guess that means he likes it! 


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