Camping Activity Bags

We are getting ready for our first RV camping trip with the kids. We are so excited, but also a little worried about keeping them occupied. I’ve been searching for camping ideas on Pinterest a lot lately and I came across this great post about creating camping activity bags for kids (


I created six bags using a few of their ideas and also some of my own!   

1. Glow Stick Wands – I thought these would be fun to use at night!

2. Make Your Own Pet Rock – Find a rock around the camp ground and decorate it into a pet! Materials included are washi tape (paint would be great, but my kids are too little for that right now), glue stick, googly eyes, and pom poms for feet.

3. Bubble Snakes – Turn an old plastic bottle into a cool bubble blower! Materials included are a plastic bottle, an old sock, and tape if needed. You cut off the bottom of the bottle, then slip the sock over the bottom. I included tape in case the sock needed securing. You place the bottom of the bottle in a bowl of dish soap, then blow air through the mouth part of the bottle. It looks so cool! Check out the pictures on the link.

4. Play Dough – This old stand-by is always a hit!

5. Finger Paint – This is special crayola finger paint that can only work on special paper. I figured it would minimize the mess.

6. Coloring Book – Perfect for a rainy day or buggy night.

This should keep the kids plenty busy. I hope it’s a hit!