Car Air Freshener

Most of the car air fresheners you buy in stores use yucky chemicals to create their scents. I am always trying to cut down on my exposure to chemicals like these because they aren’t very good for your health. I found a great tutorial on making your own car air freshener using essential oils ( 

Materials needed for this project include:

  • Essential oil of your choice (I chose a nice, calming lavender)
  • Felt (luckily, I had some left over scraps from another project)
  • Scissors
  • String (or in my case, twine)


I started by cutting out heart shapes from the felt. You could cut out any shape you like. The tutorial chose flowers, which looked super cute too.

Then, I added a drop of oil to each felt piece.  

Finally, I cut a hole in each heart, threaded the twine through them, and tied it together.  

I hung the finished product up in my car and I expect to have a very peaceful “calmmute”. 🙂   


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