Banana Chia Muffins

If you aren’t into keeping up with those crazy health food trends, then you probably haven’t heard that people are eating chia seeds now. Yes, these are the same seeds that came with those silly chia pets from the 80s….Ch-ch-ch-chia! It sounds strange, but chia seeds are actually super healthy. They are an excellent source of fiber and omega-3s, and are great for your bones and teeth. I Iike to mix them into yogurt or make a chia pudding. Maybe one of my future Pinterest Adventures will be making chia pudding…it’s so good!  

I recently found out that you can also bake with chia seeds. When you soak chia seeds in liquid they turn jelly-like, which is supposed to act like eggs in a recipe. Cool! I had four bananas that were super ripe, perfect for baking with, but I didn’t want to make a typical banana bread. So I did some searching and found an interesting recipe on Pinterest for banana chia muffins ( This is a take on a recipe for banana chia bread from Dr. Oz.

I pretty much followed the recipe just as written. It was very easy to make and used whole wheat flour, so it was very healthy too! I’m sure you could substitute all-purpose flour and it would be fine, wheat flour isn’t for everyone. The muffins were yummy. My 11-month-old liked them too!


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