Weeknight Meatball Stroganoff

I’m always on the lookout for easy meals I can put together quickly on weeknights. I usually don’t get home from work until almost 6pm, and with two hungry little ones, I try and get dinner on the table by 6:30pm. Leftovers are great at helping achieve my goal, but I’m not the best at planning ahead so most nights I have to come up with a new meal. 

 I came across a recipe on Pinterest for beef  stroganoff that looked interesting because it used meatballs (http://menumusings.blogspot.com/2011/06/meatballs-stroganoff.html). I love recipes that use a little help from the store like the frozen italian meatballs that this recipe called for. It helps speed up the cooking process. 

 The rest of the recipe was pretty standard. It included egg noodles, beef stock, heavy cream, sour cream, and seasoning. I added mushrooms because I love them in stroganoff (or anything else for that matter). Also, much to my husbands dismay, I used whole grain egg noodles. He prefers the regular, but I love the taste of the whole grain and the fact that it’s a little healthier. 

 The recipe took about 30 minutes to make and only used two pots, so cleanup was relatively easy. It was pretty tasty, I would make this again for sure. The only thing I would change is the size of the meatballs. I accidentally bought regular-sized meatballs instead of the mini ones, so it made eating them a little challenging. It would be easier if you didn’t have to cut them up.



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