Winter Bird Feeder

This week’s post comes a few days late. This is due to a combination of some crazy winter weather we had and my project not going so well at first try.

I saw these super cute bird feeders on Pinterest made by freezing birdseed in water ( Here in the northeast we’ve had a few snow storms over the past week, with more coming in the next two days. It’s harder for the poor birds around here to find food this time of year, so I thought this was the perfect project to help the little guys out.

The website I found used a bowl with a cup in the middle. You pour the birdseed in the bowl, around the cup, and then pour water over the birdseed. The idea is that after the water freezes, you end up with a hole in the center where the cup was so that you can hang it. Well, I guess my cup wasn’t heavy enough because when I took it out of the freezer, the water had gone under the cup and I ended up with a bowl-shaped feeder. I tried to pour hot water in the center to create my own hole, but it melted too much and the whole thing started to fall apart.

After cleaning up my melted birdseed mess, I looked around my kitchen and found a bundt pan. A bundt pan is a ring-shaped pan with a built-in hole in the center. Now I wouldn’t have to worry about water freezing in the middle! I poured some new birdseed into the pan, then poured water over it. I put the whole pan in the freezer. The next day I took it out and put the pan in a little bit of warm water to loosen the ice. After about a minute or two in the warm water, I popped out my frozen bird feeder. I tied some twine around the hole in the middle and hung the feeder outside. Once I figured out using the bundt pan was much better, it was so easy! I will definitely be doing this project again, and now my birds will have plenty of food for the winter!





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